Townhall – May 9, 2021

On May 9, 2021, the Philly Trans March helped organize a virtual townhall as a direct response to the PHL Pride Collective’s violent decision to proceed with their Pride event in the Gayborhood, a historically anti-Black/Brown neighborhood, despite the recent murder of Eric Pope and repeated pushback from both community members and committee members . With over 30 people in attendance, many important accounts were shared and a hope for a better future was discussed. Townhall participants generally agreed that the most important action we can take is direct support to the most institutionally/systemically marginalized members of our communities. At this time, we encourage you to send your Pride dollars directly to community members.

Here are some of the trans/non-binary/gender-non-conforming Black and/or Indigenous people who could use your support. While we would love to include everyone on this list, at this time we are prioritizing people who were born and raised in Philadelphia and

Listed alphabetically by first name.

Bri Golphinafroenbybri215$afroenbybri215
Deej NutzMxDeejNutz$MxDeejNutz
Mx. Diamond Pearl
Ebony “Icon” FierceIconEbonyFierce$IconEbonyFierce
Hazel “Luna Thee Jawnette” EdwardsHazelEdwards18$HazelEdwards18
Madelyn Morrison
Marcha Pisces
Mz. Peaches
Ovid AmorsonOhGeeAbundance$OhGeeAbundance
Tina Montgomery

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